The world revolves around how things look. We select wine, beer, and whiskey, in part, on the beauty of their labels and their impact when we share them with friends. In a record store, we pull albums from the bins because we love those artists, but also because we're curious about that cool cover... I want to know more about this band. We seek comfort and excitement the same way: visually.


We form our opinions based on appearance -- that includes images and words. It's important to ensure that your appearance -- branding, web presence, print materials, content -- reflects you and your product. I specialize in working with small- to medium-sized companies and community organizations in creating  consistent messages that best reflect their purpose.


Let's work together to show your best you.


In addition to communications, I create art photography and handcrafted pieces. These interests combine for a focus that is visually interesting, modern, and personal, and I work to find that voice -- visually interesting, modern, and personal -- with clients at every stage. Explore this website to learn what we can do together.

Who is PricklyGirl?


I'm Kathryn Andrews, and I work just outside of Washington, DC. I've been creating websites for community organizations, small businesses, political campaigns, and bands since 2002. In addition, I've worked in graphic design, editing, and strategic communications. My background is in music, and I still perform locally.


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